Imagery & Symbolism

With our commitment to fostering a community of young and potential Afrikan Diasporic fathers, it is very important that we realize that transformation through growth and development is the central theme that the initiative is attempting to cultivate in the community of Diasporic Afrikans in Canada. We recognize that the community as a whole cannot forget its culture and its heritage. For us to be progressive and have a significant impact we must ensure that all program activities and services being provided incorporate the Afrocentric heritage and principles. We must also ensure that the members of the community at large as well as the Afrikan communities in Toronto embody an adaptable character.

We have chosen to utilize Adinkra, which are visual symbols that represent Afrikan wisdom and concepts, to represent our themes.


“Return and get it”:

meaning is to ensure that we never forget our past and heritage.

We must learn from our past heritage and culture.

It is on the strong side of our centre.

Sesa wo Suban:
“Change your character”:

meaning to ensure change and transformation.

This is the centre of the initiative.

We are transforming our community and the individual members are central to ensuring this change is a reality.

“The crocodile”:

this is the symbol for adaptability. Because the crocodile can adapt and live both on land and in water, most who seek systematic change must also be adaptable.

It is on the weak side of our central theme but as essential and important as our heritage.