Canadian Doctoral Candidate Needs Dads for Survey

Canadian Doctoral Candidate Needs Dads for Survey

Phillip Sevigny, a PhD candidate at the University of Regina, is seeking fathers to participate in an online survey about fathers’ parenting beliefs.  Sevigny’s doctoral research involves the creation and validation of a scale for measuring the beliefs of fathers of young children. “Parenting beliefs have been understudied in men,” says Sevigny. “The measures found in the literature have been designed and validated for mothers and may not accurately represent fathers’ realities.”

The study is open to all fathers with children between the ages of two and six. Fathers will be asked to complete Sevigny’s short questionnaire along a series of short questionnaires developed by other researchers.  Completing the survey should take 15 to 20 minutes.

Please spread the word about this survey to fathers of young children as well as organizations and practitioners who work with families.

For more information, contact Phillip Sevigny

Fathers can participate in the survey by clicking here.


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