Young & Potential Fathers Announcement

Young and Potential Fathers Initiative (YPF) is proud to announce its new and improved service delivery and engagement model beginning October 15, 2012. After consultations, implementation and evaluation, Ujima House will become a support, resources and engagement driven space Fathers will be supported by the staff to develop a unique fatherhood plan that assesses their […]

You Can’t See the Street From Your Ivory Tower

You Can’t See the Street From Your Ivory Tower In the wake of the recent shooting at the Eaton Centre and the Danzig Shootings in Scarborough on Monday, much attention has been turned to solving the problem of gun violence. As usual a dichotomy has been created between cultural and systemic explanations for violent crime, with those who favor […]

Involved Fathers

Involved Fathers Children need many things from their parents, but let’s break it down into the main pieces. They need: • The necessities of life • Human interaction • Care and comfort • Warmth and love • Guidance and protection • To be important to someone All of these relate to the different roles that […]

Mocha Dad – 7 Traits of Real Men

Men were made to be bold, strong, leaders. However, our society has attempted to repress these traits. If you look at the way men (especially dads) are portrayed on TV, you’d think we were all a bunch of irresponsible, befuddled, nincompoops, who can only function with the help of a “smart” female partner, friend, or spouse. […]

Canadian Doctoral Candidate Needs Dads for Survey

Canadian Doctoral Candidate Needs Dads for Survey Phillip Sevigny, a PhD candidate at the University of Regina, is seeking fathers to participate in an online survey about fathers’ parenting beliefs.  Sevigny’s doctoral research involves the creation and validation of a scale for measuring the beliefs of fathers of young children. “Parenting beliefs have been understudied […]