What We Do

This initiative will strengthen the capacity of individuals, families and the community at large by providing direct support to young fathers and their children. YPF will provide access to health and legal professionals, counselors, family law services, parenting skills information, employment   counselors and many other services and programs. All of this is to provide the necessary services and resources needed for young and potential Afrikan Canadian fathers and their families to sustain or/and improve their social overall well being.

YPF continues to engage community organisations and Institutional partners to co-facilitate programs and sessions.  Lastly, YPF will continue to develop new ways to address the underlining factors around the social determinants of health affecting young men through research and continuous evaluation.

                                                                                                YPF connect fathers with Services around
Employment Education Financial Literacy Housing Mental Health
Counseling Mediation Anger Management  Sexual Health Visitation
Child Support Legal Aid Physical Health Volunteering Parenting Skills