Young & Potential Fathers Announcement

Young and Potential Fathers Initiative (YPF) is proud to announce its new and improved service delivery and engagement model beginning October 15, 2012.

After consultations, implementation and evaluation, Ujima House will become a support, resources and engagement driven space

Fathers will be supported by the staff to develop a unique fatherhood plan that assesses their engagement with their children and family as provider fathers, committed fathers, responsible fathers, affectionate fathers, nurturing fathers and interactive fathers.

Support and engagement will be tailored to the identified needs and plans of each father.

Programs; workshops; and seminars being implemented in the evenings will support our recent fathers with children to 0 to 6 years old, potential fathers who are nine to six months from birth, young fathers who have custody and access, and fathers without custody and access, fathers with children in care.

New fathers will be supported by our “Mutiiri” FATHERS. These are fathers who have been supported and have a developed a strong understanding and practice of being involved father.

We are pleased to announce to our community this new and improved way of service. Our new approach will be more personal, efficient, and streamlined to provide young and potential fathers the services, support and resources they need.

Please visit us at Ujima House, 1901 Weston Road, Unit 18; or call 416-916-2512: or email: